Lost Pet Alerts

21st Century Lost Pet Search

Sending a Lost Pet Alert

We're sorry to hear your pet has gone missing. Hopefully our members can help.

  • Fill in your pet's details
  • Upload some good photos of your pet
  • Tell us where they were lost so we know who to send the alert to
  • Add your details so people can contact you

We will review your alert to check it isn't spam, then send the details to all our members in your area.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to update your pet's details, to to let us know you've found them.

About your pet
  • Add photos of your pet

    Pick some photos of your pet. You can pick up to eight pictures, the more you add the easier it will be for people to identify your pet.

    Add A Photo
    Where were they lost?
  • This will be publically displayed, so just describe the general area they were lost from, don't include your full address.
  • We use this to work out who to alert, and to show a map of the area, so make it as specific as possible. We won't publish it.
    Your contact details